Did you see the new parking lot at the corner of Central and 20th yet?

Outside the third-floor window of the ANB Bank in downtown Cheyenne, we have a great view of all the work being done on the parking lot of the Emerson Building.

Mike Rorabeck/Townsquare Media

We watched dump trucks carrying away chunks of the old asphalt, then the smoothing out of the soil on the lot, rebar was added and then the big concrete pumper was brought in to pour the new slick concrete surface.

This was all fun to watch until the crews brought out the very loud high-pressure air hoses to spray off the concrete. Luckily I shut the studio window before all the dust started coming in. It sure made a reddish haze over downtown Cheyenne at sunset on Tuesday.

Last week I wrote about my Grateful Memories of playing kickball in the dirt on that lot when it was still McCormick Jr. High School.

Good to see some improvements to this state-owned building downtown. Also this week, I saw striping crews driving around the roads of the Capitol City, brightening things up on the streets. It must be almost Cheyenne Frontier Days!