Have you checked out the remaining concrete planters in downtown Cheyenne?

The Downtown Development Authority pays to maintain the planters at various locations, last fall the board voted to keep about 115 of the 400 planters originally placed in the Capitol City.

On a Saturday afternoon recently, I spotted a local gardener planting pretty flowers at the corner of 19th and Central at St. Marks Episcopal Church. The 'Happy Plants' are courtesy of Grant Farms.

Throughout the summer, they'll maintain the concrete planters; watering and replacing damaged plants. There's also a nice garden sprouting up at 19th and Logan, across from Alf's Pub & Package Liquors.

Truck with water for those thirsty flowers
Mike Rorabeck/Townsquare Media

A truck swings by each week with a drink for the thirsty plants and Mother Nature helps out with a little rain sometimes.

The greenery makes the downtown area more inviting for our many summer visitors, but even us locals can enjoy all of the beautification.

Do you have a favorite 'green' spot where you like to hang out in Cheyenne?


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