Did you notice all the planters being filled in downtown Cheyenne?

Like magic, another sign of summer appeared this week in downtown Cheyenne. The concrete planters have been filled with a wonderful assortment of plants and flowers.

Personally I love the beauty the flowers add to the downtown area. This year I've seen a bunch of these brownish plants with huge leaves, very unique looking. (See one in the photo)

In past years, the plants were maintained by Grant Farms and had signs in them but I haven't seen any official signs yet this year. From our third floor window at the ANB Bank, we can watch the trucks come by, driving up on the curbs, and watering all of the planters on the corners.

That has become a problem over the years. Deciding who was responsible for the upkeep of all the flowers. There has also been some problems with vandalism. In 2013, the Downtown Development Authority had decided to remove all the planters but after getting public comments against getting rid of them all, they compromised and only removed a portion of them. Cheyenne's Downtown Development Authority now pays to maintain the remaining 170 planters of the original 400.

What do you think of the downtown planters?

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