An office rivalry turned ugly in Wyoming last weekend when three drunk guys went to their co-worker's house, challenged him to a fight, and got thrown in jail. Adding insult to injury, two of the men also urinated in their pants.

The three men met up at a bar in Jackson after work, according to the Jackson Hole News & Guide. While they were complaining about a co-worker they didn't like, the men hatched a plan to confront their colleague at his home. Their co-worker refused to come outside and called the police. When the cops arrived, the three men admitted they had threatened their co-worker because "they didn't like him".

The police blotter notes that two of the three men were "obviously intoxicated and had urinated in their pants". All three men were arrested and charged with public intoxication and disturbing the peace.

The names of the three men weren't publicly released, but they're probably looking for a new job.

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