With help from the Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Wyoming Toad is back thriving in Wyoming ponds and lakes, according to MPR News.

In 1984, the Wyoming Toad was put on the endangered species list, some thought they may go extinct. In the late '80s, the last colony of toads found at Mortenson Lake was a major part of the nationwide breeding program. The Como Zoo has been a huge part in helping bring these toads back to a stable population.

While the toads were at the zoo they were treated with special care.

"We actually keep these guys in a biosecure facility, so basically, if you're working with amphibians and animals, you can't go in that room," zookeeper Mike Lee told MPR News, who helps breed the toads. "We don't want to introduce any diseases to the collection."

Last week, 3,288 Wyoming Toads tadpoles were released near the Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge west of Laramie.

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