If you love epic Wyoming estates, you're gonna love this place. It's one of the most unique properties I've ever seen proving that you don't have to live in Jackson to have a special place like this.

I found this beauty messing around on Realtor. I appreciate the multi-millionaire estates in and around Jackson, but really wanted to see what the rest of our state had to offer. This one checks all the boxes. The physical address is 377 State Highway 193 near Story, Wyoming. You really need to see this estate for yourself as I've never seen a motif quite like it in our state. Oh, and it has a giraffe head. Seriously. See for yourself.

Story, Wyoming Estate Next to North Piney Creek

The Realtor listing says this is in Banner, Wyoming but the map views show Story. You can see that it is tucked right next to North Piney Creek. Along with the views, I can only imagine how peaceful the stream sounds would be if you had windows you could leave open at night.

The listing on Realtor doesn't provide a lot of details about adjacent buildings, but it appears there are least 2 guest homes based on pictures. That's a question for the agent. All I know is that I've never seen a home with a design quite like this.

If you have $6,000,000 lying around, you could have this home as that's the current asking price. Since this is real estate and things change, check out the full listing for more details and updates.

I'm not sure if the owner is willing to consider including the giraffe with this beautiful home, but I would definitely ask.

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