Imagine going for a hike in the backcountry and coming across the remains of a ghost town that isn't really a ghost town. That's what happened to some guys who just shared video what they found up in the mountains that likely has already been featured in a movie.

This exploration was no accident, though. Moe Sargi is one of the most popular YouTube guys with over 2.63 million subscribers. He purposely does not share the locations he explores for a very good reason. He knows what vandals can do to places once they know it's there.

While he doesn't say where, he does mention several things that lead me to believe this might be in our part of America. 1. He says this ghost town is somewhere in the mountains. 2. It's in bear and moose country. 3. It's not near anything. We pride ourselves on not having much near us, so the possibility is there.

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He's very clear that this is a movie set and not a legitimate ghost town. It's easy to see once he takes you inside the buildings.

I have to wonder out loud if by some chance this might have been part of the set used for the reboot of The Magnificent Seven a few years ago. That church looks very familiar to the one featured in this trailer.

The filming locations on IMDb mention Colorado and New Mexico among other western places. I could be dreaming, but some of those buildings sure do look like the ones in that flick.

If nothing else, Moe Sargi is worth a follow on YouTube if you enjoy abandoned places like this one.

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