If you feel like someone is always watching you, you're probably just paranoid. Or, you could be like this family who learned they were watching TV and a mountain lion was just outside their window doing the same.

There is a sad reason why this encounter happened. More on that in a sec. Based on the video description, this happened in one of the wilder areas near Santa Cruz, California recently.

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The family described what happened like this:

A mountain lion visited our house at 9:30 pm. We heard our driveway doorbell ding and thought it was the neighbor's dog.

This just in. It wasn't the neighbor's dog. It was a very big kitty cat.

Back to that sad reason for the encounter. The family noted this:

The lion doesn't have a tag he's not currently being tracked. And since the devastating fire last summer, many think he was so close to humans due to habitat loss.

Yes, likely one of the after effects of last summer's devastating wildfires in California. Fortunately in this case, the cat was scared off before the animal or the family were harmed.

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