Well, just as soon as the deep freeze gave us fishable ice, the sunshine and spring temperatures took it away. it is almost time to bust out the boat and get it cleaned up for boating season. Soon the ice will disappear completely, and before you know it, you will be water skiing on Flathead Lake.

Us humans are not the only ones that enjoy getting wet and wild. When you think of critters that like being in water, you picture an otter or a beaver. Sometimes you will see the occasional elk or deer frolic along the waters edge. Or even see an elk swim across a lake or river. But, you would rarely think about a cat swimming. Especially a giant cat. It has always been known that cats in general, DO NOT LIKE WATER. Which would explain why the cat in the following video seems so grumpy.

The footage you are about to see shows a fisherman in a canoe, filming something strange swimming nearby. As the strange thing gets closer and closer to the canoe, you begin to see what it actually is. A drenched mountain lion "doggy or should I say kittie paddling" its way across the water. When the cat gets close to the canoe, it almost appears that it might try to jump on the boat. The angler quickly takes action and smacks the water nearby the mountain lion with an oar. This keeps the cat from getting closer, but definitely does not help his salty mood. See for yourself how it all goes down.

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