I get ridiculed whenever I claim that skunks are deadly, but I've yet to see any predator have any success trying to take one down. This video is another example of my deadly skunk theory as one of these little titans showed a cougar who's boss.

This happened near Calgary about 4 years ago. A driver was cruising down a back road when he noticed that there was a showdown happening in front of him. A mountain lion was stalking a skunk...or so he thought. It turns out that the prey became the predator quickly and it wasn't the cougar.

If you're part of the "skunks aren't deadly" crowd, you might think to yourself that this type of mountain lion/skunk showdown is the exception and not the rule. Guess again as this same result happened this year in Colorado.

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Last year, same animals and same result. Mountain lion scopes out skunk and mountain lion gets chased off.

Until I see a predator actually end up victorious against a skunk, I'm gonna continue to share my theory that this is the animal that all other animals truly fear. Just like the famous meme said, "change my mind".

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