It doesn’t take much to trigger the desire for a burrito. Sometimes, even a Taco Bell burrito will do in a pinch if you don’t know who’s out there.

But how can you find who’s got these little meat sleeping bags near you? is an app getting good reviews on the Play Store.

“So helpful when you are on road. Easy to use.”

“Hell yea Burritos! Hell yea!”

“Ode to burrito finding Once I had no burritos. I felt lost, alone, hungry. Then down from the heavens gleamed a shining light. I touched the light and it sent a shock through my hand to my phone. There I found the My Burrito Finder app. It saved me. Glorious and copious burritos were found and consumed.”

“Burritos!! Already found a burrito place I drive past every day and it had 4.5 stars can't wait to try it tomorrow!!!”

In a previous poll,

Paige – “Little Joe's is hands down... Best place to get some burritos. From breakfast to dinner.”

Justin – “Breakfast Burrito with Bacon & Sausage smothered in half 'n' half green chili. Try it and you will KNOW who has the BEST burrito's in town.” That's Little Joe's.

I've tried every place on this list and have to say, I drive from Laramie to Cheyenne just for that burrito... multiple times per month.”

Tiffanie “I totally agree With the other comment.. little Joe's is the best in town.. I switched from r&b to little joes and haven't looked back! They are huge! And actually spicy if u order the green chili... and they don't overcharge like everywhere else in town! Put little Joe's on the poll!”

Lailoni – “To be fair I definitely think you should add Little Joes to the poll. And to the Burrito Finder. They have absolutely the best burritos in not only Cheyenne but Wyoming.”

It's in the poll!

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