What do you get when you cross nuclear weapons and LSD? A trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Recently released records detail widespread drug use at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in 2015 and 2016, including testimony from several airmen who took hallucinogenic drugs on base.

Here are five (really dumb) jokes about tripping on acid at one of America's most powerful nuclear arsenals.

1. Did you hear about the airman who dropped acid and tried to ride a missile? No, but I heard about the guy who jumped off the visitor center.

2.. One airman said to another, "Have you seen my flight cap?". No, but I did see a dragon at the commissary.

3. Why did the airman take LSD in his dorm? Because there wasn't mushroom.

4. An airman just got new boots. They must be laced because he's been tripping all day.

5. Why do airmen never forget their time at F.E. Warren Air Force Base? Flashbacks.


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