Cheyenne is no stranger to having celebrities grace us, after all, we're the home of The Daddy Of Them All. But, it's still fun to see an artist, musician or actor roll through Wyoming that isn't Kanye. Apparently, Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch had a nice meal at Terry Bison Ranch in the Senator's Steakhouse.

Now, that's something you don't see everyday! It's also kind of a testament for living in the Cowboy State and how people know that the locals wont bother them. He is a Denver native, so he must have had a hankering for some great food. Take that, Denver.

Ivan also posted on his own Instagram account about his experience. Watch out for some NSFW language...he is a rocker.

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A post shared by Ivan Moody (@ivanmoody)

It's hard to not want to sing along to Wagon Wheel, I get it. We all get caught up with that. I mean, he is a singer, so we can only hope for his cover to come out soon. The guitar player in the background also seemed to get some props from the Five Finger Death Punch front man.

Would you like to see Five Finger Death Punch at Frontier Days? Seems like a good time to have a local in town!

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