While searching for topics to write about, I stumbled across this Buzzfeed article about the newest reading craze poised to take the country by storm: flipback books.

The concept originated in the Netherlands, where the pocket-sized books are known as "dwarsliggers". The idea is simple, to take a full-size book, and shrink it down for convenience. US publishing house Dutton is pioneering the concept stateside with a re-release of four novels by Young Adult author John Green, who is best known for his best-selling novel The Fault In Our Stars.

My enthusiasm for books is no secret to my coworkers. I often write about the Friends of the Library book sales, the ACPL's annual Winter Reading Challenge, the best places to read, and even books set in Wyoming.

As a huge bookworm, the possibilities for this are exciting. These books will make excellent travel companions for print book purists who tear through books like children tear through wrapping paper on Christmas morning and don't have a lot of room in their luggage (i.e., me). They'll also free up precious shelf space for readers who sometimes notice their shelves sagging under the weight of hardcover books (also me).

The focus on YA books also means that the flipback trend might catch on with teenagers, sparking a love of reading for a new generation, which is always exciting! With their miniature size, they'll also make the perfect stocking stuffer for younger readers this holiday season.

Despite a full-size book being crammed into a mini book that's about the same size as a coffee cup, the text doesn't seem to get much smaller, meaning that nobody's going to have to buy reading glasses just to read the books.

Most importantly, they'll be (slightly) more affordable! Green's novels are being sold individually for $12, and $48 for the full box set of four. Dutton's parent company, Penguin Young Readers, plans to release more novels later this year, according to the New York Times.

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