Bob Sombathy and his son recently visited the Cowboy State. While they were here they discovered a Triceratops Tooth, according to My Pan Handle.

Bob and his son joined Tate Geological Museum's collections specialist J.P. Cavigelli and his crew as they were in a group excavating for dinosaur fossils. The Tate Museum does about five dinosaur digs per year and they are open to the public. If you attend the dinosaur dig, it lasts for five days. You will either dig in Cretaceous dinosaur beds or the Jurassic dinosaur beds here in Wyo.

“People pay us, and they come out, and we house them, we feed them, and we take them dinosaur-hunting,” Cavigelli told My Pan Handle.

This tooth was more unique than most fossils found in that area because of it being large, whole and fully-rooted.

Unfortunately for Bob and his son they did not keep the tooth. Instead, it is on display at the Tate Geological Museum at the Casper College.

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