Foo Fighters announced a limited-edition Coors Light beer to tie in with their comedy-horror movie Studio 666. Named Almighty Light, the drink is available in time for the film’s release tomorrow and is described as protection against the kind of malevolent force that possesses Dave Grohl in the movie's plot.

The frontman has often been seen drinking Coors.

“Coors Almighty Light is the first spiritually enhanced beer developed specifically to ward off demons while viewing the Foo Fighters’ dangerous new film Studio 666,” the brewer said in a statement. “Made with real sacred water that has been blessed, this drinkable demon deterrent will shield your soul with every sip.”

An additional note explained that "this limited batch of beer has been blessed by a non-denominational ordained minister."

In a recent interview, Grohl explained how Lionel Richie came to make a cameo in the movie. "The scriptwriter wrote the idea as a joke, and I was like, ‘I know that guy, he’s awesome,’” Grohl told The Sun. “So I just sent him a text and said, ‘Want to be in a horror movie?’ and he literally replied with the word ‘Absolutely.’

“He was great; he’s the nicest guy. I met him the year we were supposed to play Glastonbury, but [I] broke my leg. He was on the bill, too, and even though we’d never met, he sent me this amazing basket of muffins to say he was sorry we couldn’t make it. He’s a legend, and a really awesome, cool guy. It was great to have him involved, and he was a lot of fun on set.”

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