I'll be the first to say that Laramie has some amazing food options. Honestly, it's a foodie lover's dream - it has to be, considering how many of the Gem City's restaurants have featured on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" show. The Food Network really has a thing for Laramie's food - so much so that a Laramie restaurant is featured on their "Best Food in Wyoming" list.

Cavalryman Steakhouse is a beloved institution in Laramie. Its mouthwatering steaks and cowboy-centric decor pretty much encapsulate the Western lifestyle of Wyoming. So, I was not surprised when the Cavalryman popped up on Food Network's list. But what did surprise me was why they were on the list.

According to Food Network, Cavalryman Steakhouse makes one iconic cowboy food better than anywhere else - soda bread. 

Yep, it's not their steaks or ribs that make the restaurant iconic (though those are also delicious). It's the soda bread. I'll be honest, I love starting any meal with freshly baked bread, and it's hard to deny that Cavalryman's soda bread is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Food Network noted that the Cavalryman's soda bread is next level partly because the recipe comes from a century old "adapted pioneer recipe recorded by a local mother." You can't get more Old West than that.

If you've never mosied over to Cavalryman's for lunch or dinner, boy, are you missing out. I mean, just look at this delicious skillet of soda bread with a giant mound of honey butter just waiting to be eaten? Yum.

Credit: Bill J via Yelp
Credit: Bill J via Yelp

The Cavalryman Steakhouse also features exceptional seafood dishes, comfort foods like chicken fried steak, and entrees from Wyoming history like the Karro Kampos Pie.

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