Chances are, if you've been to Laramie, you've heard of Born In A Barn. The restaurant is practically an institution famous for its burgers, wings, and beer. So it's not surprising to see Born In A Barn completely packed daily with hungry college kids and Laramie residents inhaling their burgers like they're going out of style. But, if you aren't from Laramie, you may wonder what's so great about a burger joint in an Old West town?

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Well, a man on TikTok found out after traveling to what he called a "total throwback" to an Old Western town to visit Born In A Barn. Based on his TikTok page, he's on a mission to explore food in every state, and he chose to make Laramie his Wyoming pitstop.

The video displays one of the restaurant's best burgers - the Popper - complete with showing off the jalapeno and melted cheese masterpiece (if you aren't hungry now, you will be by the end of the video.) He rated the burger a 15/16, something I can agree with - it's a pretty great burger.

The man also tested out Born In A Barn's crispy golden french fries. I'm not sure I agree with his rating of 12/16 - the fries, he said, had a great ratio of soggy to crispy. Personally, I find their fries a 20/16, but that's just me. Check out his comments on his experience in the video below:

As for what a "Cream Separator" is, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm guessing it has to do with milk. As for Born In A Barn, one thing's for sure, their burger sure made this Tiktokker a happy man.


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