Governor Mike Sullivan talked to k2radio news about his decision to crossover from Democrat to Republican in order to vote for Liz Cheney.

Crossover voting is the practice of joining the opposing political party to influence the outcome of its primary election.

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"It's not something I took lightly. I've never crossed over or registered as a Republican before because I thought as a Democratic Governor it probably wasn't good style. But realistically, if you want to participate in the election this year--and it's not totally different in other years, but this I think is a special year--you're not going to get to participate unless you vote in the primaries, because the election is going to take place, for the most part, in the major race and the Congressional race is thee major race. It's going to take place in the primary, and I believe it's a significant election, an important election for the people of Wyoming, and there's a clear choice, and the choice is easy for me, so I'm supporting Liz Cheney.

"I think long-term history will reflect the legacy that Liz Cheney was one of the few leading Republicans who was willing to stand up and say, 'the emperor has no clothes.'"

Governor Sullivan said Cheney is right for Wyoming because she has served two terms and represented Wyoming well. He said, "She reflects the values of Wyoming, but in this race, I'm supporting her and will vote for her to respect and honor what I think is the courageous position that she's taken. She's taken a position in favor of our country, and I believe in favor of the state, as distinguished from what someone and many and her party would say--'you shouldn't do that'--but she did it without any expectation of political benefit, because there was no clear pathway that this was going to be politically beneficial to her because it was pretty clear she would get some significant opposition and resistance. But she decided that it was more important for the democratic process and our democracy as a country to take those positions."

Sullivan served as the governor of Wyoming in 1986 and was reelected in 1990.

On the subject of crossing over he said, "I was governor for eight years; I was a Democrat. I got elected with the support and help of Republicans. I had many Republicans in my administration and on boards and commissions that I appointed, and my belief has always been that in Wyoming we are too small to be divided...and so I don't find that a problem because I've dealt with and been friendly with and worked with Republicans and their positions all my life.

Earlier this year the Wyoming Senate voted to introduce a measure that would prevent people from changing political parties in an effort to influence a political primary election. Former President Donald Trump supported this legislation.

However, the crossover bill died in March in the Wyoming House after it was not considered by a legislative deadline.

There is a link to the bill here.

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