One of America's most popular cable news programs defended the University of Wyoming this week. On Tuesday, "Fox & Friends" aired a segment about the school's "World Needs More Cowboys" slogan, which was met with controversy and criticism from some student groups and faculty members last year.

UW law student Jesse Leach spoke in favor of the marketing campaign, which recently won several national awards.

"I was born and raised in Wyoming. I was born and raised Wyoming’s largest city. And I’ve never once related the words cowboy with genocide, xenophobia, anything like that," she said. "I’m so thankful that our university administration was willing to stand up to these criticisms because it’s obviously paid off. Our enrollment numbers are up for next year. And everybody wants to be a cowboy and the world needs more cowboys.”

While the Fox & Friends referenced critics of the "World Needs More Cowboys" campaign, none of them were interviewed during the segment.

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