Here's a demoralizing statistic: since 1883, it has snowed in Cheyenne 16 times during the month of June.

The worst June storm on record rolled into Cheyenne on June 11, 1947, dumping 8.7 inches on the Capital City over two days. Livestock losses across the state were estimated in the thousands, especially around Lander where they got 18.4 inches.

Another memorable blizzard hit Cheyenne with seven inches of snow on June 7, 1889. The latest snowfall on record was June 14, 1955, when we got .3 inches. The last time it happened was 1998 when we got .7 inches on June 3rd and 4th.

With another .2 inches of snow this week, Cheyenne could break the 62-year-old record for the most snow after May 20th, set by the June blizzard in 1947.

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