Did you know the youngest student ever enrolled at the University of Wyoming was 12?

The child, whose name is unknown, was part of UW's very first class in 1887. The oldest student was reported to be 23. The 12-year-old was one of 42 students in the inaugural class, and one of several "whiz kids" who attended UW before reaching adulthood.

In 2014, 16-year-old Ahmed Balogun Mohammed arrived in Laramie from his native country of Nigeria. At 18, he became the first international undergraduate ever elected as UW's Student Body President. At 20, he earned a degree in engineering and later attended graduate school before returning to Africa.

Last year, 13-year-old Rock Springs resident Brevon Cole became the youngest student to graduate from high school in the state of Wyoming. His mom knew he was a genius when he read a 1,000-page novel at the age of five. By six, he was doing algebra. He currently attends Western Wyoming Community College and plans to major in mechanical engineering at the University of Wyoming.

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