Be afraid, be very afraid...the geeks are taking over Cheyenne. This week, the Geek Garage will celebrate the grand opening of their new location at 1726 Capitol Avenue downtown.

The business began in June of last year, when a group of "tech geeks" opened up shop in a garage. A few months later, they expanded to their first retail location inside The Historic Plains Hotel.

Although they service a wide variety of electronics including cellphones, tablets, laptops, computers and televisions, most of the guys who run the Geek Garage are actually pretty cool.

According to their manager Caitlin, only one of their three owners is a complete and total geek. "The other two guys are relatively normal...relatively," she said.

Their grand opening, held in conjunction with the Downtown Cheyenne Business Co-op, will take place this Thursday afternoon from 5:30 to 9 p.m.