It's been called the greatest drinking game in the world and it was invented right here in Wyoming. The proud tradition continues next week when the Mangy Moose Saloon in Teton Village hosts the 2019 Gelande Quaffing World Championship.

Tuesday's tournament marks the 12th consecutive year that thirsty "quaffers" from around the world will compete outside the Jackson Hole Ski Resort for the chance to hoist the World Championship Stein.

The sport was invented in 1986 when a winter blizzard trapped ski bums inside a local watering hole called the Bear Claw Cafe. According to legend, a bartender sent a mug of beer sliding down the bar. A customer caught the mug in mid-air, and the rest is history. While waiting for the storm to subside, a group of friends named themselves the Jackson Hole Air Force and wrote the rules for the game.

Over the years, quaffing has developed a cult following among skiers and snowboarders. In 2007, organizers held the first World Championship in Jackson. What began as a party for local ski bums now features winners from several regional qualifying tournaments across the country.

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