Airbnb started as a company that had people offering air beds on floors for an overnight stay. It has grown from those simple beginnings to a company that offers everything from a bedroom to a tipi to a sheep-wagon to a luxury house all for a nightly charge. In searching some of their offerings I ran across this gem for $10,000 a night! That's what I said $10,000???? A night???

A Place In Wyoming To Stay For $10,000 Per Night

So what does one get for $10,000 a night? Well in this case, you get a beautiful 2 bedroom condo with 6 beds that can accommodate up to 12 people along with 4 and a half bathrooms to ease the congestion of getting everyone ready at the beginning of the day. You also get ski in, ski out convenience at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, as well as access to the Four Seasons Resort's amenities including, dining, spa, and pool area.

Now granted, not every night is $10,000 a night. During April when the Four Seasons is shut down you will pay $2000 a night, there are other times of the year that the rate will be $4500 per night. Thanksgiving will be $8000 a night and during the first part of December through the best of the ski season you will be paying $10,000 per night.

Split that up amongst the 12 occupants and you can find yourself a bargain. We will await our invitation.

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