A new study released this week warns men that storing a cellphone in their pants pockets may lower their sperm count.

Here's five more helpful tips for men in Wyoming.

1. Don't chew lamb testicles - In 2011, the Wyoming Department of Health attributed two cases of Campylobacter jejuni enteritis to a couple of ranchers who bit off a little more than they could chew. As the old saying goes, "they might eat lamb fries, but real cowboys don't bite 'em".

2. Don't kick a police officer in the groin - In 2011, a Cheyenne woman was sentenced to five years of probation for kicking a police officer in the midsection. After violating her probation, she was subsequently given four to six years in state prison.

3. If you go fishing, be careful - The "pacu" is an invasive species known to maim men in the worst possible area. Native to South America, this relative of the piranha has recently been reported in several states across the country, including Wyoming.

4. Do attend the Testicle Festival in Evanston - Rocky Mountain Oysters are a delicacy in these parts, or at least that's what we tell gullible tourists. You'll find plenty of 'cowboy caviar' at this annual event, which gives new meaning to the term 'sack lunch'.

5. Wash down those oysters with a beer - In 2013, Colorado's Wynkoop Brewing Company introduced a new beer called Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Each batch is made with over 25 pounds of bull balls. It's a great way to quench your thirst after chowing down on some tasty testes.

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