If you're looking to spend a week in Hyattville, Wyoming, have I got a deal for you?! For the week of November 10th through the 17th, you can get a deep discount on an Airbnb that is normally $12,500, but has been cut down to a reachable $11,250! Hold on to your hats!

You can see the listing here and I'll have the photos below for you to check out, but, Wowza! That's a hit to the pocketbook or your loan shark.

At least, the person that is renting out the Airbnb is a Superhost, so you know that your stay at the Airbnb will be top-notch. For renting this Airbnb for a week, you get a discount of $8,750, while the grand total is $$89,965 for a whole week.

I know what you're thinking. This place is probably just doing something weird that week. Well, I take your caution and double down that it's the same price from September 12th through the 18th.

Now, don't get me wrong. This place has some nice views. You can see the Big Horn Mountains, it's on 160 acres of land, you can go fish and hike, and there are BLM lands to explore as well. But, it's also a 1 bedroom. So the scale goes back and forth a bit.

Let's stretch our legs and take a virtual tour of this Wyoming Airbnb property and see what it's all about. The cabin is brand new, so, please take your boots off before walking inside. Please and thank you.

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