Wyoming has no shortage of beautiful campsites - from Yellowstone to Curt Gowdy, outdoor escapes abound. But let's face it, some of the campgrounds can get a little (or very) crowded during peak camping season.

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Sometimes, you just want to escape everyone, skip all the noise and chaos of crowded campsites, and truly reconnect with nature. Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest offers off-the-beaten-path camping and all the connection with Mother Nature you could ever want. Fishing, hiking, and adventure await beneath the towering pines and aspen of the forest.

What could be better than that? A cozy yurt surrounded by the splendid beauty of the Snowy Range visible from the private hot tub - that's what.

Reconnect with Nature and 'Yurt'-self in Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest

There's nothing quite like watching a golden sunset give way to a silvery moon rising over the Snowy Range Mountains. But why spend your night sleeping in a sleeping bag on a hard forest floor if you could spend the day exploring the outdoors and catch the sunset from a hot tub without having to stay at a hotel?

You don't have to when you stay at this neat glamping site I found in Medicine Bow. Not only does this yurt have the aforementioned hot tub - it also has two bedrooms, a bathroom with a shower (so you can clean up after a day of running around the woods,) and a cozy sitting area complete with television and wifi - just in case you need to reconnect with civilization on your vacay.

Now, you may say, 'That's not really camping.' Totally. It's more like 'glamping' - a.k.a. a luxurious and comfy upgrade to camping. No, it's not a tent, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing place to stay central to the beauty of Wyoming's natural wonders. The yurt is only a six-minute drive from Barber Lake and has easy access to the Snowy Range Scenic Byway...plus, I can't stress this enough, it has memory foam beds and plumbing.

I'll take that over the backache I get from sleeping on an air mattress any day!

Sound like a dream vacation to you? It gets better. Check out the gorgeous pics of the yurt - plus the scenery waiting for you during your adventure!

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Discover the rustic camping destination of your dreams nestled in the beautiful Snowy Range Mountains. Minutes from Centennial, Wyoming, and a short drive from Laramie, this cozy yurt upgrades 'traditional' camping to the next level. It has two bedrooms, a real bathroom (with a shower!), wifi, and a hot tub. It has the luxury and the comforts of home with mountain views and easy access to the hiking trails and fishing lakes of Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest!

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