If you are ambivalent to or just hate "woke culture". Good news, the entire state of Wyoming kind of feels the same way.

According to a study from Zippia, Wyoming is kind of a middle of the road, leaning toward least woke state. We ranked at number 37 in the country for most woke states, and if you're wondering, Colorado came in 4th. So, the cultural divide is about twice the size of the Continental Divide.

They sourced this by looking at the number of BLM protests, voting records, education, and you'll love this, kombucha consumption. Now, I'm not one to put down kombucha, I'm not a fan, but if that's what you like to sip on, go for it. I also never connected the two, and I can't stop laughing about the image I have in my head. Just people not leaving for a protest or to go vote without a cup of kombucha.

Sorry if you love kombucha.

I don't think I've typed kombucha in my life, much less ordered it. So, this is a first.

Back to the meat of the matter. The major sentiment of Wyoming is that we do things our own way, we're not a part of the woke culture and it's really still the last of the west. So the fact that we came in at 37 is pretty accurate. I mean, I know the number of educated people and voting in the state per capita probably kept us ahead of southern states, not so much the protesting.

What do you think, should we be considered more or less woke?

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