Major League Baseball pulled the plug on the All Star Game in Atlanta this year due to Georgia's new restrictive voting laws.

According to 9 News, Coors Field and Colorado were a candidate to host the mid summer classic which includes a three day baseball extravaganza including the home run derby, various all star events and of course, the all star game itself.


Coors Field last hosted the All Star festivities back in 1998 and while they're not scheduled to be hosting in the near future, this last minute score could be just what the doctor ordered to bring the eyes of the baseball world back to Coors Field.

The last time the home run derby was in Coors Field, it was epic...and how about the names that were involved in that event. SO many future hall of famers.

YouTube/ Tom Bombadil

Check out the starting lineups from that game back in "98"...


American League

LF Kenny Lofton

2B Roberto Alomar

CF Ken Griffey Jr.

RF Juan Gonzales

1B Jim Thome

SS Alex Rodriguez

C Ivan Rodriguez

3B Cal Ripken Jr.

P David Wells

National League

2B Craig Biggio

RF Tony Gwynn

1B Mark McGwire

LF Barry Bonds

3B Chipper Jones

C Mike Piazza

CF Larry Walker

SS Walt Weiss

P Greg Maddux

The American League went on to win the game by a final score of 13-8.

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