I follow a lot of hunters on social media, but I've never witnessed anything quite like this before. A new video share shows a huge bull elk that was stopped in his tracks wedged in between two trees.

NOTE: this is a somewhat graphic video. Nothing gory per se, but it's accurate to say that an elk was harmed in the making of this video. If seeing an expired elk disturbs you, I completely understand. This is not for you. My reason for sharing it is the pure hunting physics and timing that had to happen at exactly the right moment for this to happen.

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Before I share the video, it's important to pay attention to the hunter's note on the YouTube share:

Heart shot farther up the hill before he hit the trees doing full speed ahead!

The point is this is not a bull elk that suffered a prolong inhumane death. He likely was dead from the heart shot before he ended up between the trees. Here's the crazy position this majestic large animal ended up in.

As you might imagine, the comments on YouTube have varied wildly between funny and appalled and sometimes both:

  • Probably was on the cell and didn’t see the trees, distracted elk totally his fault
  • Reminds me of a book I read as a child," Antlers in the Trees" by Who Goosed the Moose. Tis true..
  • Elk to friend: "Dude, hold my beer, I'm going for it."

Gotta love the internet comedians. I'm with several experienced hunters who admitted they've never seen anything like this before.

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