Traveling as fast as a commercial jet airliner, The Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Team is one of 35 semifinalists looking to build this impressive new technology that will change travel.

“A technology that has been described as part bullet train, part space travel, Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One hopes to be the future of commercial travel.” – 9News


The high speed magnetic levitation passenger / cargo system can travel at speeds of up to 700 mph, allowing a 30 minute commute from San Francisco to Los Angeles when completed.

“According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, construction of the first phase for the Rocky Mountain Hyperloop is a 40-mile route from DIA to Greeley.” - Coloradoan

17 countries are involved in the competition that will announce the winner this May. First Greeley to DIA, then they should extend into Wyoming, Imagine Cheyenne to Denver in under 9 minutes, Casper to Denver in 24 minutes.

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