An employee from Nike is offering to "bet a car" that former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen will throw a ball at least 90 Yards at his pro day in Laramie Friday.

University of Wyoming players eligible for the NFL Draft will be allowed to compete in pro day festivities in front of many NFL scouts. In fact, several celebrities in the sports world have already announced their plans to attend the event including Mike Mayock from the NFL Network and New York Jets owner Mike Maccagnan.

Nike's Director of Performance, Ryan Flaherty, is pretty sure that Josh will give those celebrities a show on Friday, telling the NFL Network's 'Move The Sticks' podcast that he'll throw further than nearly any human being can.

I’ve never seen an arm like this in my life.  Like, I’ve been around a lot of quarterbacks. His arm is beyond elite.  It will be what every arm is measured against.  At his Pro Day he’ll probably throw the ball 90 yards.  No joke, I’m not kidding.  He’ll throw it 90 yards, just wait.  I promise you.  I’ll bet a car on it.  He will throw the ball 90 yards.  His physical skills, the way his body, kind of, releases, you know, energy into the ball is like anything I’ve ever seen in my life.

While it's not known if he's actually betting a car, or whom he's betting with, it's clear that Flaherty is a fan.

At the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Allen showed off his arm throwing several passes around 70 yards.

Wyoming's pro day is closed to the public this year because of the huge turnout of scouts and media members. It takes place Friday, Macrh 23rd at the Indoor Practice Facility.

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