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Let me take you on an internet journey, and trust me when I say it's worth your time.

I'll start by setting the scene...literally.

I came across a video on TikTok of Wyoming that was incredibly gorgeous, so I decided I needed to share it with you.

@the.bam.busTurn your phone right round ladies n gents ##grandtetons ##wyoming ##sunrise ##reflection♬ original sound - THXOC

Per usual I began to do some digging to see if I could learn the story behind the video. And oh, my, goodness...was there a story! It turns out that the "BAM Bus" crew (Bekah, Ali, Morgan) all met when they learned that one guy was dating all three of them. They got together and learned that besides their ex, they also had in common a dream of taking an old school bus, turning it into a traveling home, and hitting the road. So, they decided to head west and live their best lives. They created social media accounts and shared videos of their adventures.

@the.bam.bus 90% happy, 10% burnt :)) ##lake ##cliffjumping ##summer ##newfriends ##thisphoto ♬ chicken tikka - han

As well as pictures.

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A post shared by FINE CREW (@the.bam.bus)

These girls are using their journey to help support others, and have become the living embodiment of turning lemons into lemonade.

If you're interested in learning more about their journey you can check out this interview with a Chigaco TV station. It not only talks about how the girls found out about each other, but it also talks about how they renovated the bus, which of course you KNOW I loved to see.

What do you think about this?

Are you cheering these girls on, or do you think that it's a crazy idea?

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