A new study claims the average driver will curse 41 times for every 100 miles. If that estimate is accurate, a trip across the state of Wyoming could generate over 200 obscene outbursts.

Here's the Cowboy State cussing calculator:

The 550-mile journey from Pine Bluffs in southeastern Wyoming to the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park = 225.5 curse words.

The 450-mile trip from Gillette in northeastern Wyoming to Evanston in the southwestern corner of the state = 184.5 curse words.

It's roughly 400 miles from Evanston to Pine Bluffs on Interstate 80 = 164 curse words.

Heading north from Cheyenne to Sheridan takes around 325 miles on I-25 and I-90 = 133.25 curse words.

The survey cites several reasons why drivers curse behind the wheel; getting cut off in traffic, going too slow in the fast line, and other drivers who don't use turn signals. Here in Wyoming, we deal with those drivers while dodging wildlife and 18-wheelers in gale force winds.

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