What a jerk. Who is going to hate on a community that went out of their way to build a landing place for aliens, trying to escape the inevitable doom of their home planet, Jupiter. I mean, I get it, he polled a bunch of people, so we have some haters here in the Cowboy State, but, these people clearly haven’t seen Tree In Rock. I mean, really. What I’m referring to is the Intergalactic Spaceport in Green River, Wyoming.  

Here’s a little back story from Knowledge Nuts

In 1994, possible residents of Jupiter were facing grave danger from a potential interstellar collision. Not about to let them think they were alone, Green River, Wyoming, changed the name of their airport from Green River 48U to the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport, and even issued an official city council resolution that they would accept any refugees from Jupiter that needed a new place to live. While it still attracts a number of planes that touch down and take off just to log their stop at an intergalactic spaceport, any real development has been locked in bureaucratic hell. 

How did we get to where people were hating on this magical place for Jupiter’s refugees? Well, Instagram star, Matt Shirley made this map to show the worst attractions in every state. 

So, I get that it may seem weird to some folks to want to take care of people that may or may not exist in Jupiter(pretty sure we don’t want to meet anything that could live in that atmosphere, but that’s not the point). But, there are enough things that we have as points of interest that may not be as sexy as a landing spot for aliens, just saying. 

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