It looks like a recent building, and it's filled with young readers learning about their love of books. But this library might have more to check out than just novels, and might have something more haunting than just a great story. The Hot Springs County Library in Thermopolis isn't the only haunted library in the Cowboy State, but it might be the eeriest.

The Hot Springs County Library must surely be an exciting place to work, especially when some librarians have come in for work in the morning and found books strewn across the floor, as if someone had a ghostly tantrum in the night. Patrons have reported hearing disembodied voices while browsing the stacks. 

It's also possible to turn a corner in an aisle of books and see a ghostly spectre scurrying away. Shadow people have been reported, and at least one library goer has told stories of watching books float off of shelves on their own, open as if they are being browsed, and then dropped on the ground.

You might find authors like Stephen King or R. L. Stein among the stacks in this haunted library in Thermopolis, or you just might find the subject of their writing instead- or a ghostly librarian, just trying to help you find the perfect book for a cool fall night.


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