Happy Halloween! For the entire month of October, we've been exploring the haunted locations of the cowboy state, the stories, history, and ghosts that make them noteworthy. We've explored haunted hotels, theaters, prisons, cemeteries, and historic sites. We've learned about trapped spirits with playful streaks, anger issues, and tragic stories.

Let's take a look back on all 31 of the Haunted 307 locations we explored this year for Halloween.

The Historic Occidental Hotel, home to the ghost of Emily, a young girl said to have died of cholera in the 1900s.

The Old Faithful Inn, where a headless bride still stalks the crow's nest after being murdered by her not-so-faithful husband.

The Sheridan Inn, the final resting place of Miss Kate, caretaker and lover of the hotel who had her ashes interred in her favorite room.

Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel, a hotel where you just might see a celebrity ghost, that of its original owner, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, or his daughter, Irma.

The Wort Hotel, a beautiful hotel in Jackson that might keep you up at night, with all the ghost children running around the halls.

The Historic Greybull Hotel, a former bank, and speakeasy that might still harbor the spirits of those killed bootlegging during prohibition.

Higgins Hotel, still haunted by a kindly housekeeper as well as the protective spirit of its former owner, Josephine Higgins.

The Virginian Hotel, a striking hotel in Medicine Bow where tragedy has lived and still walks the halls and a chivalrous cowboy makes sure ladies don't have to open their own doors.


Sacajawea Cemetery in Fort Washakie, where the cemetery's namesake just might make a ghostly appearance among the headstones.

Gebo Cemetery is particularly eerie for the high number of infant and child's graves, and the claim that you can hear the sobbing of children if you stay too late in the area.

Kane Cemetery might be partially underwater, and a mother looking for her drowned children may take you into the depths instead.

Mount Pisgah Cemetery in Gillette is a well-kept memorial to those we have lost, though a ghostly jogger and a woman in white without a face keep it from being too peaceful.


The Atlas Theatre in Cheyenne houses at least two spirits, most prominently a mysterious woman who may have died with her child of exposure, and a prankster male spirit who plays jokes on the company.

Nelson Performing Arts Building in Powell is part of Northwest College and is reportedly the home of Adelaide, a young female ghost that is shy and afraid of a second, angry male spirit.

Acme Theatre in Riverton might still show movies to this day, but a vaudevillian performer from the early days still watches shows from the balcony.


Wyoming Frontier Prison tells the story of many executed souls, one of which was hanged by his fellow inmates for the unforgivable crime of murdering the famous "Pie Lady."

The Wyoming Territorial Prison only has one ghost, but he's the playful spirit of Julius Greenwelch, who is still pursuing his dream of a cigar company from the afterlife.


The Sweetwater County Library teaches that, maybe, it's not a good idea to build a library on the site of a poorly excavated former cemetery.

The Hot Springs County Library has a ghost that just wants to help you find the perfect book... by throwing it at you.


The World Famous Wonder Bar may be under new management, but the ghosts don't know that and still ask for their steak medium-rare.

At the Cowboy Bar, you might see the ghosts of outlaws and cattle rustlers, who hid from the law in the old saloon.


The Ivy House in Casper was once a hotel, but is now a self-care center, and is still watched over by Mrs. White and her ghostly Siamese cats.

The Ferris Mansion had its fair share of tragedy, leaving ghosts of its past in the building like the spirit of a young boy killed in an accidental gun discharge... and now it's for sale! 

The Morton Mansion is said to still house the spirit of Margaret Morton, one of the family's two children that both passed from tuberculosis in the early 1900s.

Historical Sites: 

Fort Bridger State Historic Site is home to several spirits, including a heroic ghost dog and the story of true love in the afterlife.

Fort Laramie National Historic Site has hundred of ghosts on the premises, with the famous Lady in Green making her appearance every 7 years... including 2018.


Laramie Plains Civic Center is another case of "Let's not build this building where corpses were once buried," complete with shadow figures and native American drumming being heard at night.

Kirwin Ghost Town was once so charming, it nearly became the home of Amelia Earhart, but today it's known for being difficult to get to, and perhaps, difficult to move on from.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church is the oldest church in Wyoming, and during its construction, one of the stonemasons may have fallen to his death and been encased in the stone. The last DJ who tried to stay the night only lasted 15 minutes but.. maybe next year?

Slaughterhouse Gulch's stretch of Highway 70 has a ghostly hitchhiker that may have been an early miner, killed by his own explosives.

Wyoming State Hospital, a former insane asylum, has to keep a sheet up over one of its windows, due to the number of calls of sightings of a woman hanging herself in that room. Over and over and over again, every night.

Check out the map below to revisit all of the haunted locations in Wyoming, plan a ghostly road trip or places to avoid next time you're trekking across the state. 

That a wrap! Thanks for joining me on this ghostly tour of the Cowboy State!

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