You might want to skip catching a horror movie in this historic theatre, especially if you plan on hanging out on the upper balcony. The Acme Theatre in Riverton has been reported to be haunted by the spirit of a former vaudevillian, still dressed for the stage.

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Completed in the 1920s by one of Riverton's most prominent businesswomen, Belle Mote, the Acme Theatre housed live stage shows, vaudeville, and penny shows before being renovated as a modern movie theater and showing the latest blockbusters.

To this day, those who catch a show at the theater, which is still in operation to this day (and currently playing the latest horror movie Halloween) may just find a patron watching the show with them who didn't pay for a ticket. Reports have been made of a ghostly figure, seen in the balcony watching the show. The man's identity remains a mystery, but has been described as dressed in vaudeville era clothing, and thought to have been a former performer in the early days of the theatre's operation.

The Acme Theatre in Riverton just might be the scariest place to catch a horror movie, or you may just find yourself scared by more than what's on the screen.

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