The legend of the wandering woman ghost is a common one in the paranormal world. From La Llorona or Texas and Mexico, to the White Lady of New York, and finally to the Blue Lady of Kane Cemetery. Today we talk about the tragic story of the abandoned town near Lovell, and the spirit that haunts its graveyard on Haunted 307.


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When you drive from the Big Horn Mountains towards Powell and Cody, you will cross a long bridge across an expansive reservoir. Prior to the 1960s, this location was actually where the town of Kane, Wyoming existed. Townsfolk sold their homes prior to the federal government prior to the dam being completed and the valley flooded to create the Big Horn Reservoir.

Bits and pieces of the former town still exist near the edge of the reservoir, and when water levels are low, you can see the old cemetery rising up out of the water. No effort was made to reestablish the town after it was flooded in 1967 and washed from the map, with only memories and ghosts to mark that it was ever there.

The Blue Lady of Kane Cemetery is a local legend of a blue-glowing woman who wanders the water near the cemetery, looking for her lost children. The tale goes that the Blue Lady's husband drowned her children in a jealous rage, and that she killed herself out of grief and continues searching in the afterlife.

Those who have seen the specter say that she appears beautiful from far away, with an eerie blue glow to her skin and clothing, but once you get closer to her she's revealed to actually be quite ugly. It's also said that if you spend too much time in her presence, she might decide to take you to the depths of the reservoir in place of her lost children.

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