While several places on the Haunted 307 roster claim to have bodies buried and skeletons in their closet, this next one may be one of the few that actually can claim that. While it's up in the air whether the famous guide of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacajawea, is actually buried on the Wind River Reservation, the Sacajawea Cemetery does have reports of hauntings that merit's its inclusion on this series.

There are two graves that are believed to be linked to the famous Sacajawea, though historians argue about which is the true final resting place of the Shoshone woman. One is a marker in South Dakota that claims she died in 1812, though the exact burial site is unknown. The other is right here in the Cowboy State, near Fort Washakie on the Wind River Reservation.

The cemetery that bares her name includes a grave that claims to be the final resting place of the brave guide. An inscription on the grave gives the date of her death as April 9, 1884. The legend states that Sacajawea left her American Husband and made her way to Wyoming in the 1860s, living out the rest of her days with her fellow Shoshone on the reservation and dying at an elderly age in the same locale.

The Sacajawea Cemetery may not be just a place of rest, however, as visitors to the gravesite have claimed for over a century to sometimes see Sacajawea standing in the distance as they paid their respects, or felt her nearby. One visitor even claimed that they felt and heard the famous Shoshone woman whisper in their ear as they laid flowers near her headstone.

Others have reported feeling cold in the cemetery, even in the summer, and a warm inviting presence pulling them deeper into the gated burial site. Whether she is actually buried there is up for debate, but make a visit to the cemetery in Fort Washakie and you just might see Sacajawea for yourself.

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