As we creep up on Halloween, here's another spooky tale about one of Wyoming's most haunted places, the Natrona County High School Auditorium in Casper.

Legend has it, back in the 1940's, a girl fell to her death in the auditorium. According to one account, she had forgotten her bag after auditioning for a play. While attempting to climb through a window in order to retrieve her bag, she fell. The fall reportedly broke her back and she died.

Some believe her ghost still haunts the auditorium to this day. Several witnesses have reported seeing her image in the balcony near the lighting booth. Others have heard the strange sound of a girl laughing.

Perhaps the most bizarre claims of manifestation come from those who believe the girl's ghost often occupies a seat in the front row. Rumor has it, if someone sits in her seat during a performance, it's a sign that something will go wrong during the production.

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