Did you take down all your Christmas decorations already?

We finally reclaimed our living room over the weekend, packing away all the bulbs, lights and decorations to be stored until next December. Our Christmas tree is artificial, but there were still plenty of fake needles to vacuum.If you had a real Christmas tree, chances are good that you've disposed of it already. Your tree can be taken to the Cheyenne compost facility at 3714 Windmill Road if you happen to still have it setting in your backyard or pickup truck bed.

I've seen some houses around Cheyenne with lights up year-round, kind of gives it a festive feel throughout the year. Others have their decorations down by New Year's Day each year.

For a lot of people, including us, taking down the decorations depends on how busy things are, whether it's still Christmas break from school or if we have other things planned.

Many across the pond in London and around the world traditionally wrap up the holiday season with Twelfth Night on January 5. I did not know this, but the twelve days of Christmas actually begin the day after December 25 and count down to Epiphany on January 6.

Do you have a certain day when you put away your holiday decorations each year?

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