The wildfires across California and other parts of the country are devastating. There is no other way to put it. With this being my first “fire season” since moving across the country, it’s a little odd to wake up after having your windows open all night and having your house smell smoky, kind of like a campfire.  

It’s been extra dark going into work this past week, which, I get it, is mostly due to fall nipping at our heels. But, the past couple of days, it’s been odd not seeing the beautiful Wyoming sky I’ve fallen in love with other the past months. It’s been filled with haze and rain clouds, when we’re lucky.  

This morning, as I’ve sat in the King FM studio, doing my normal morning stuff, reading, talking about what I’m reading, and writing, like I am now. Doug Randall from our sister station opens the studio door and tells me, “You have to see the sun!”. Color me intrigued. So, I sipped my coffee and followed him toward the front of the office. 

Here is what I saw 

By the way, I also stole this article idea from him, but I figured I’d write in enough detail to make you feel what we are. The sun is so ominous and looks like a sun out of a Star Wars Film from a planet, far, far away, not in my Wyoming sky. It's hard to capture how crazy it looks from a picture, but, believe me, it's borderline creepy. 

My heart goes out to everything that’s been lost due to these fires, the impact we’re seeing here is minimal compared to a lot of places, so we’re fortunate. But, it does make me sad to see the destruction that I’ve gotten a better idea of.  

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