This could be the most genius hack to come out of quarantine.

In case you haven't noticed, there are two types of people in quarantine. Those who feel like they're going crazy and those who are getting freakishly creative. I guess there are those who are doing both and, in that case, there are three types of people in quarantine. It's like our craziness is driving us to take chances and ultimately come up with some genius hacks.

Like covering your head in peanut butter to trim your dog's nails.

No, this is really a thing. I had been seeing videos of people wrapping their heads in plastic and then smearing peanut butter all over it, but I didn't know why. I'll be honest, I never finished the videos because they were too weird. At last, I've discovered that people are doing this so they can distract their dogs while trimming those oh-so-sensitive nails.


Need help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu. ##dogsoftiktok ##tiktokdogs ##tiktokdiy ##fyp ##foryoupage ##smallgestures

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And it's working!

It's similar to the can of spray cheese my vet uses to reward my dog during his visit. They also squeeze out a big glob when they have to give him a shot. He's starting to learn that cheese is not his friend, but he will never turn his back on peanut butter. He goes bananas for it.

Have you tried this peanut butter trick to trim your dog's nails during quarantine? It seems like one big mess to me. Plus, that's a lot of peanut butter in one sitting... Not that my dog Oliver is complaining.

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