As lover of all things food, I'm always on the lookout for handy tips, tricks and life hacks to make my cooking experience more streamlined. I hit the payload with an awesome new video.

The two and half minute video (shown below) was posted to Twitter by Best Videos and highlights several tips and tricks to make your kitchen life easier. It includes everything from an easy way to cut frozen butter, how to make a quick an easy breakfast wrap to a tip on how to cut onions that will eliminate tears.

I've watched the video quite a few times, but I was unable to find the original version. Because of the abrupt ending, it makes believe it's only a snippet from a much longer YouTube video. After scouring the web for darn near 15 minutes, I still couldn't find the original, but I'm still on the hunt. All the hacks in the video above are priceless time-savers that will make my cooking life superior. I'm sure if there are others, they would be equally valuable.

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