After many years of searching, one man finally found Forrest Fenn's legendary treasure last year. Some believe it was located in New Mexico. One man is fed up with those who refuse to acknowledge the treasure was found in Wyoming so he's shared 100% proof.

I will admit that this made me chuckle just a little bit. This guy is pretty fired up because people are delusional about Forrest Fenn's treasure not being found here. Here's how he described his "rage".

I have heard enough of the garbage about the chest being in New Mexico, it was NOT in New Mexico, your solve is 100% wrong if you think otherwise. This is a LEGAL document submitted under oath by Forrest to the court. It proves the chest was hidden in 2010 in WYOMING and found in WYOMING in June 2020. Case closed!

Wow. ALL CAPS fury. What he presents is worth a watch though.

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The man who found Forrest Fenn's treasure is Jack Stuef. Outside Magazine interviewed him late last year after he finally agreed to be identified. While he is willing to be known now, he's not divulging where he found the treasure. That has led to ongoing speculation (and argument) about where it was hidden.

I agree with the man who shared the video that the treasure was here in Wyoming. Without fully divulging my sources (it's a trend), I have been in direct contact with the man who manages Forrest's official website and I can tell you that Wyoming was where the treasure was. No, I don't know exactly where.

Forrest Fenn sadly passed away in September of 2020. Unless Jack Stuef decides to reveal where he found the treasure, this argument isn't likely to end anytime soon.

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