Conservation groups like the Mule Deer Foundation are the backbone to keeping Wyoming's hunting, fishing and outdoor life to improve.

Over the last couple years, the Wyoming chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation has played a major part in fencing projects, migration studies, improving habitat, and helping fund other projects along the way.

Wyoming's MDF Regional Director Shawn Blajsczak told Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors

Mule deer are hurting and have been, but we're getting that good work done on the ground, so they'll start to do better and better hopefully. Every dime helps, every penny helps so we can match all those different federal funds, and other grants that we get, so we can get more done

The thing about conservation groups, like Mule Deer Foundation, they're not just adding to the enhancement and improvement for mule deer. The work that's done every year, is done to help all Wyoming wildlife.

Think about it.

MDF isn't going to rebuild fencing that ONLY help protect mule deer. They may focus on the movement of mule deer in their studies, but in turn their efforts benefit elk, antelope and whitetail deer too.

Joel Pedersen is the President/CEO of Mule Deer Foundation said in a statement on

Over a half million dollars was allocated so far this year, which was leveraged by more than $8 million more, for projects like fencing conversions, guzzler installations, habitat restoration work, and mule deer research projects. Those that support MDF should know their donations are making a difference.

One of the easiest ways to help the cause is to attend one of the organizations annual banquets. The banquet's are a major contributor to raising the funds that are needed for the type of conservation projects, that Pedersen spoke about.

The first of the Wyoming Mule Deer Foundation banquet is January 21st in Casper at the Hangar in Bar Nunn.

When you purchase a ticket, you'll receive an annual membership to the Mule Deer Foundation that gets you a MDF magazine subscription, member card & decal and special members-only discounts.

Ticket prices for the event are.

Single dinner $75

Couples dinner $110

There are multiple levels of tables, sponsorships and other packages available at the  ticket purchasing page at

Mule Deer Foundation events continue in 2023 after Casper

Sheridan on February 18

Cheyenne on February 25

Wheatland on April 15

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