There are only a few ways you can get the special Wyoming Governor's Big Game License and helping one of the incredible foundations that help raise conservation awareness is one of the ways you can get one. One of those organizations is the Mule Deer Foundation and they're offering two Governors Big Game Licenses to the highest bidder. MDF has one Mule Deer/Antelope and one Moose License available at auction.

Wyoming Governor Gordon will request there be up to 25 complimentary hunting licenses issued each year. The Wyoming Governor's Big Game License Coalition has funded nearly $10 million in wildlife projects over the years.

The bidding for the Mule Deer Foundation auction has opened and proxy bids have begun to be given via phone/text at 307-247-0246 or via email and will continue until 5:00pm (MDT) on May 5th. Then the licenses will be sold individually with each starting with a $30,000 bid in a final auction.

The mule deer/antelope auction will begin first at 7:00 pm (MDT) and the moose auction begins at 8:00pm (MDT). The bids will go up by a minimum of $500 until 7:30pm/ 8:30pm (MDT). Bids will continue being taken until bids stop coming in for 2 full minutes of the prior bid.

The money made from this auction will greatly benefit conservation in Wyoming. Improving habitat, wildlife research, and other wildlife projects. 90% of the money raised will go right back into the Governor's Big Game License coalition and the other 10% will help fund the Mule Deer Foundation.

Another positive is you don't have to use any of your current preference points if you win the moose license and you are exempt from the limiting of big game licenses a person can posses in one year. If you've always wanted to hunt in a certain hunt area, here is your chance to be able to pick your hunt area. The highest bidder of each auction will be allowed to pick the location they want to hunt.

For many, this is a once in a lifetime hunting opportunity that you may not want to pass up. You can get more information at

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