Ever hear the saying 'Good deeds don't go unnoticed'?

With social media, it's usually all the bad things people do don't go unnoticed.

Sometimes though, the good stuff is shown too.

A recent situation arose where two brave men from South Dakota risked life and shoe to help save a pronghorn that was tangled in a fence. The episode was captured on video by University of Wyoming Alum, Jaymie Litzel.

While many people are out hunting pronghorn, these two fellas were saving a certain pronghorn.

The men approached the situation with caution, then sprung into action. The person taking the video, made sure they were careful. The horns on an antelope can cause serious injury, and if it get a person right, may be deadly.

The warning of caution doesn't go unnoticed as they approach the struggling animal.

It doesn't take much for the two guys to release the antelope, as one puts on his gloves to grab onto the fence, they other places his foot gently on the horn to hold the head down.

That move is what cost the man his right shoe. As the fence is raised and the buck rolls out, he moved too fast for the man holding him down and sprinted off with the shoe.

The good deed video has been going around social media and has garnered 2.5 million views. So at least 2.5 million people watched this poor dude have to walk around with just one shoe for the rest of the day.

There's a good chance shows like America's Funniest Videos will pick the footage up, maybe even give them a chance to win some money. Hopefully at least enough to buy the poor guy a new pair of shoes.

Well done, guys. It's always nice to know you're willing to sacrifice to help the animals.

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